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How We Work

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to purchase your property as quickly and stress free as we possibly can.

How we work in Durham? It’s important to keep a cool head if you want to prevent losing your home and stop eviction. Obviously, you must act quickly, but before taking action, bear in mind that your lender won’t start the repossession process immediately and that court proceedings last for weeks, giving you time to find a solution and possibly stop house repossession.

Wherever in the country it may be, you may be considering to sell the property quickly and to avoid any strenuous legal fees associated with an inherited property. For a quick sale and for a guaranteed offer for the value of the house, selling your house to us may be your best offer.

It could be that your age or health has now had a profound effect on the way you live. Is your house too big to manage or maybe you your house is not catered for any specific health circumstances you may have encountered? Here, we can provide you with a quick sale to help you find somewhere more fitting to your lifestyle needs.

If you can’t keep up with your repayments and your financial situation isn’t expected to improve, selling your home quickly may be the only way to stop repossession or avoid voluntary house repossession. Although this is probably not ideal, it is better to sell your home yourself because you will probably get a higher price than your lender at an auction. That is how we work in Durham.